Which Mavic Spoke do I need ?

Identification of the spokes you need for your Mavic wheels can be a bit of minefield.  

Hopefully this short blog will help steer you in the right direction.

The first step is to know which wheels you have ; specifically the exact model and model year.

This is easy to do, just find the serial number (it will be near the valve) and take the format of two or three letters followed by 7 or 8 numbers

It will either be laser etched (top photo) or a barcode (bottom photo)

Examples below


Enter the serial number into technicalmanual.mavic.com, and this should show then show you an exploded diagram of your wheel

Once you have the exploded diagram , make sure you are focussed on the correct wheel (ie. Front or Rear). 

There are tabs for Front and Rear, select which you need.

Then you will see that that spokes are numbered in the diagram. In our example above they are numbered 2 and 3 

(pointed to by arrows)

Refer down to the spokes section, and you will then be able to identify the Mavic part numbers.

So in the example above, the Non-Drive Side spoke (number 2 in the diagram) is part number V3660201

The Drive Side spoke (number 3 in the diagram) is part part number V3660301 

You can then enter those part numbers into the Search box on bikingbarn.co.uk

Additinal Information and Advice

The Spoke Section will often include the spoke length as well as the part number.

In our example we can see that V3660201 is 288mm. 

Note this is the length measure to the shoulder of the spoke (ie. it excludes the head).

End to End the spoke will be a few mm longer

Sometimes you will see multiple references to the number in the diagram.

Often this will be because a new generation of the spoke has become available.

So in the example below, the Non-Drive Side Spoke is part number V2270301 or V4161301

Either is suitable for the wheel, with V2270301 being the original spoke.

Another possibility is that you may see two entries for the same diagram number, however one of those is for a stamped spoke kit.

See the example below. 

Here we have a rear wheel , and the spoke labelled as 2 in the exploded diagram has two references in the spoke section (circled)

The second of these for Part Number V2730501 is a kit comprising two spokes, both of which are stamped with the wheel model name and often these spokes can be of a different colour (yellow or white being most common)

The two spokes are normally one Front Wheel Spoke and One Rear Wheel spoke - the descriptive reference will make this clear

In our example V23730501 comprises one front and one rear non-drive side.

Typically we do not tend to stock these stamped spokes, although we can order them on request

As always if you have any queries, or would like a second opinion before purchasing please contact us we will be happy to help


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