Which Axle Adaptor (End Cap) do I need ?

Identification of the axle adaptors you need for your Mavic wheels can be a bit of minefield.  

Hopefully this short blog will help steer you in the right direction.

The first step is to know which wheels you have ; specifically the exact model and model year.

This is easy to do, just find the serial number (it will be near the valve) and take the format of two or three letters followed by 7 or 8 numbers

It will either be laser etched (top photo) or a barcode (bottom photo)

Examples below


Enter the serial number into technicalmanual.mavic.com, and this should show then show you an exploded diagram of your wheel

Click the download pdf link (arrowed below), this will open up the relevant page in the technical documentation with the model year in the top right hand corner.

So in the example above we have identified the wheel as a 2016 Model Year Aksium Disc Rear Wheel.

Now you have the wheel model and model year (MY) , you can refer to the documentation below to identify the adaptors you need.

Road Wheels Adaptors - Latest Documentation Link Here  or Earlier Documentation Here

Refer to the ‘Season’ column (MY is model year)  and ‘Wheels’ columns to locate your wheels.

Once you have this, you can then reference the adaptors required for the various configurations that are available for your wheel.

Lets take an example...

So lets say we have identified from the serial number that we have a 2019 Ksyrium Pro Disc Front Wheel.

And we want to switch from a through axle to using Quick Release

Referring to the Road Wheel Adaptor document, we can see that the wheels have a 12x100mm Hub

And we need adaptors LV2680300 to use a Q/R

There are a couple of things worth noting when referencing the Road Wheels Adaptors document ;

1. Use the 'Looks Like' column photos to confirm your wheel model. This is particularly important if your wheel model year is 2017 or 2018.

Mavic made rolling changes of the wheel hubs specs during these years, so you should confirm which hub spec you have.

2. Note that many wheels use adaptors in their default (as provided) configuration. 

For example  a 2017 OEM Ksyrium Disc wheel , comes with a 15mm axle, and by default uses LV2680200 adaptors to run a 12mm through axle

3. On some of the Rear Road wheels, the required adaptors will differ depending on whether your wheels uses 6-Bolt or Centre-lock adaptors.

MTB Wheels - Documentation Link Here

The process of adaptor identification is essentially the same, albeit there is the added dimension of whether the wheel configuration is Boost or Standard.

Some Information on Boost Wheels here

Note that it is not possible to use adaptors to convert a Wheel from Standard (non-Boost) to Boost or vice-versa

As always if you have any queries, or would like a second opinion before purchasing please contact us we will be happy to help


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