Day Six – Thursday 3rd May

This was my favourite day of the trip.  

Once we had traced our way back west from Castletown,  we then turned south a few km’s before Melvich.


From here on, until the end of the ride , we really were in the remote highlands.  Tens of kilometres passed without seeing a car nor houses. 

Luckily we found a the Forsinard Station Tea Rooms to be open.  Barely more than a shed in the garden, we nevertheless enjoyed wonderful coffee and cake.   If you visit here, be careful of the family Labrador, he has a taste for cyclists sunglasses !

Having left Forsinard, we soon reach Kinbrace where we turned right heading North East to Syre.  This  25km stretch of road , is maintained for the logging lorries.  However it was a wonderful place to be on a bike ; remote, wild, minimal traffic and great views. 


The final 13km of the days ride was uphill to the Crask Inn.  We did this stretch of road in drizzle which for me atleast added to the atmosphere.  The moody sky, long grind uphill, remote location conjured up a fabulous almost masochistic ride.  

I had deliberated when planning the ride whether to use full length mudguards on the bike.  I'm glad I did, as when you are in the saddle for 6+ hours a day, you really appreciate the protection they provide.  Similarly I also opted to have lightweight front and rear led lights on the bike.  Purely to ensure we would be seen in the event of overcast dark drizzly days such as today. 

Reaching the Crask Inn , which is a fantastically warm friendly travellers Inn (and also a practicing church !) completed a memorable day out.

If you are planning a trip, you really must try to stay at the Crask Inn.  A truly memorable experience, you feel like you are visiting an old friends house !  Be aware though that they are booked up many weeks ahead during peak season. 


The view from the Crask Inn is below


Details of Day Six

From CastletownThurso to Crask Inn, Lairg – Distance 124km,  Ascent 1108m

Strava Activity - NC500 Day 6

Overnight Accomodation - The Crask Inn

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