Crossing the old M48 Severn Bridge by bike is always fun and, atleast for me, is another one of those things about cycling that brings out the inner child.


The first time I used the bridge a few years back to cross eastbound from Wales to England, I struggled to find how to access the cycle path and avoid having to cycle on the busy A466 road which links to the M48.


Having done the route again recently I thought it would be useful to quickly share the route here. This route is based on coming from Cardiff / Newport .   Annotated map and description follow ;



Coming from Cardiff on the A48 Chepstow Road,  take the right hand turn to Mathern.  And follow this road for about 1km before turning left (signposted Bulwark)


Follow this road for about 1.5km, at which point you will pass under the A466 , and you then need to turn immediately right into Maple Avenue. The approach to the bridge under the A466 is below ;


Having turned right into Maple Avenue, which is a residential street,  the access to the cycle path is about 40 metres along, on the right , image below ;


Once on the cycle path, it provides a nice safe route which runs parallel to the A466 heading south east to the M48. It continues on to run alongside the M48 and onto the Severn Bridge.


When going over the Severn Bridge cycle path be aware that this is a shared use path so you may well experience Motorcycles coming to you from the opposite direction.  Some of these can be quite large with tourists making their way to Wales with luggage,  and as the cycle path is not so wide care is needed.


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