Dinas Powys Active Travel Update


Following on from my previous post, I have received an update from the Vale of Glamorgan Council (VOGC) on the plans for improving the cycling links between Dinas Powys and Penarth.


With regard to the lane I referenced in my post ( within black circle of map above -  top of Murch Road beyond the Doctor’s Surgery) ,  the VOGC have agreed that the lane needs some remedial work, and intend to request funding from the development of the old St Cyres site to improve it.


VOGC have conducted some initial research into whether any issues exist that could limit the improvements. The research has highlighted that the lane is prone to flooding as it sits between two fields. This can cause the lane surface to erode and potholes to form. However the VOGC has said that this can be addressed during design work for the area.


No timescale for the improvements are available currently, as it depends on planning application.


Another positive update is that the council is investigating upgrading the ‘Ash Path’ to make it more accessible to cyclists.  The existing path does not have cycling rights and is of insufficient width.  VOGC are looking to arrange a public path order which would provide a legal basis to upgrade the path to a public bridleway (which the public are allowed to cycle on) and increase the width of the path.  Removal of the metal barriers would also take place, (there would need to be some other barrier instead to prevent motorcycle / scooter access)


Again no timescales available at this stage (given the need for funding and legal process), but an encouraging update I think.


If you have any further input or suggestions please post them here.  I will continue to keep this thread alive as I receive further updates.







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